Trtm Architects

Paradise Club, Spain

The commission by the client consisted on transforming an old warehouse into a Snack Bar that serves the rest of the Resort. The project is located on the coast of Alicante.

The idea was to create a relaxing atmosphere where users have a rest from a day of vacation without disconnecting from the beach environment. For this aim elements from the coastal landscape have been used into the interior, such as palm trees roof, sand textures on the ceiling or handcrafted ceramics. One of the main challenges was to create a sophisticated identity for the place, connecting the inside with the outside.

All the furniture has been designed exclusively for the project. The organic shapes has been used on tables and stools as a remember of some rocks on the area.

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Architects: Eugenio Fernández, Víctor Nouman, Paula Currás

Engineer consultant: Jorge Azor

Photography: Asier Rua