Trtm Architects


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    ‘Matices de la forma’.Experimento Madrid, Madrid, September 2017

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    ‘El caballo de Troya’. Collective exhibition curated by Carlos Arroyo, COAM, Madrid, July 2015

    ‘PFC COAM’. Collective exhibition, COAM, Madrid, October 2015

    ‘UEM PFC’. Collective exhibition, UEM, Madrid, July 2015

    ‘Final Thesis 2014’. Collective exhibition, UEM, Madrid, November 2015


- ‘Architecture and fashion’, conference, IADE, Madrid, May 2017

- ‘Artificial paradises’, conference during Architecture week, Universidad Europea, Madrid, May 2017

- ‘Fake Architecture: narrative as space producer’, conference during Architecture Festival, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de A Coruña “FETSAC17”, ETSAAC, April 2017

- ‘Building fictions’, Conference at Architecture Masters, Moda y Diseño, UPM, Madrid, January 2016

- ‘Architecture and fictions’, conference during the ‘New Generations’ festival, Museo di Sant’ Agostino, Génova, November 2015

- ‘Turning picnics’, workshop at Amadís gallery, Madrid, May 2015

- ‘The Technopicnic’, conference at Amadís gallery, Madrid, May 2015

- ‘Urbanismos de ficción’, conference, Medialab-Prado, Madrid, June 2015