ARCHITECTS: Teratoma Productions + Paula Elena

NET CITY by Teratoma Productions

NET CITY is a high density urban centrality that reflects the vision of the contemporary society in Russia. The project revise and update the traditional sovietic modular social housing known as khrushchyov, developed by Vitaly Pavlovich Lagutenko during the 50´s.

NET CITY is based on the following principals:
The urban plan concept make possible for the city to grow and expands over time. NET CITY is not a close plan but a urbanism that can be developed during different phases. All the infrastructure and services are located in strip platforms interconnected with streets, roads, bike tracks and the electrical tram. This adaptability make possible for the city to update with a society that is constantly growing and changing.

NET CITY integrated the public space inside the buildings offering different levels of shared spaces for the communities living there. There are no clear barriers between the street and the house.

NET CITY housing has been designed to be flexible and to adapt to different people needs. For this purpose the structure of the buildings has been placed on the façade keeping open floor plan inside that make possible to set different distribution in each floor.

NET CITY optimizes energy resources and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The roof top of the platforms are provided with continues landscape that changes with the seasons and bring nature into the urban environment. Bike tracks and electrical public transport are integrated in the streets. All the building has the ideal orientation in order to optimize the sunlight. From the outside the city is perceived as a virtual modular net that give support to all the infrastructure and communities that are under need. The net becomes a structural solution for the architecture, but also a way to unify in a bigger scale all the particularities of a complex city.

NET CITY by Teratoma Productions
NET CITY by Teratoma Productions

NET CITY by Teratoma Productions

NET CITY by Teratoma Productions