Phantom Archive

ARCHITECTS: Eugenio Fernández, Víctor Nouman


Phantom archive is made of unique objects, but also of the flow of images circulating in the social networks. The designed objects become mediatic at the phantom archive.

Users are not longer observers but producers of images by using simple technologies. We are able to edit and describe narrations through images at any time. The spectator becomes a critical subject.

Phantom archives are no longer described with a chronological logic. Hashtags, geopolitical locations and different systems are the new order.

Phantom archives are produced outside the exhibition spaces. these empty rooms are no longer places to expose, but to generate communities and physical nodos for discussion and negotiation. A picnic is the perfect scenario for this aim.

Phantom archives invert the traditional logic of the exhibition space. It is not a place to contemplate the beauty of the objects, but a place to make mediatisation of the archive visible.