ARCHITECTS: Teratoma Productions


Arco Art Fair in one of the most exciting and important event with thousands of visitors every year. The Vip area should be a relaxing space where visitors discuss what they have seen and take important decisions. Villa Vip is the combination of two concepts: the architecture of Café Vienes and the constructive method of balloom frame.



The Vip Area should be an open space to see and to be seen by others. It is the place where visitors have a drink, close deals or disconnect from the fair for a while. The traditional Café Vienes becomes relevant as an example of open space where plants, chairs and tables are the elements that set the architecture. For that reason Villa Vip works as an open plaza build with furniture. The specific elements remains at the perimeter.


This generic open space is not enough to solve specific requirements such as kitchens, storage area and wardrobes. For that reason the concept of Café Vienes becomes powerfull when it is mixed with Balloon Frame, a constructive method that became popular in United States during the XVIII Century. It consists on an inhabited squeleton made of frames wood that packs on the perimeter the service spaces for the Villa Vip. Color wires, lights and electricity give life to the structure.

On the one hand the Café Vienes is a space for hedonism that exhibits both visitors and objects. On the other hand the balloom frame skeleton solves the technical issues and the specific program of the Villa Vip.